Custom Concrete in Beaverton

Alternative Edge Concrete provides beautiful decorative concrete and concrete polishing in Beaverton.

Polished Concrete Floors in Beaverton

Concrete polishing transforms ordinary concrete into a beautiful, glossy, low maintenance surface that will last for years even in high traffic areas. Whether it’s a retail, industrial, commercial, institutional or residential floor in Beaverton, polished concrete is the most cost-effective, long-term, beautiful flooring available today. Click to learn more about our Polished Concrete Floors.

Stamped Concrete in Beaverton

Stamped concrete is a system of adding colors, patterns, and texture to a plain concrete slab at the time of pouring. A stamped concrete surface gives an attractive, three-dimensional, two-toned appearance. Stamped concrete is a highly customizable and we’ll tailor your Beaverton home to suit your individual design goals and budget, whether you want to achieve a natural look or be wildly innovative. Click to learn more about our Stamped Concrete.

Flatwork in Beaverton

Give Your Concrete Driveway a Makeover! If you live in the Beaverton, OR area, then no doubt you have noticed some of the beautiful homes owned by your neighbors. Yours can be just as lovely, provided of course, you give proper attention to the concrete driveway. The driveway is one of the most important areas of your Beaverton home when it comes to first impressions. Click to learn more about our Flatwork.

Landscape Curbing in Beaverton

Landscape Curbing is a continuous and free flowing landscape edging allowing smooth graceful curves, straight straight-aways and round circles that add beauty and value to your Beaverton home. It is created onsite and installed cleanly and quickly, transforming your lawn and enhancing your existing landscaping. Click to learn more about our Landscape Curbing.


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