The Best Looks For Concrete Floors In Modern Houses

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Kitchen with polished concrete floors

Modern homes require flooring a bit more chic than the traditional flooring go-tos: hardwood, tile, and carpet. While these classic floorings are popular for good reason, there is in fact, a type of flooring that surpasses each of them in style, function, and longevity.

Concrete flooring may be typically relegated to industrial workspaces, but there are a multitude of styles, colors, and textures available that make polished concrete a uniquely fashionable and modern type of flooring.

Modern homes built with simplicity and minimalism in mind should consider polished concrete flooring reminiscent of natural stone. Polished concrete can be stained to imitate marble, limestone, or shale, all luxurious flooring types often too ostentatious for suburban homeowners but perfect for minimalist homes with tall windows, clean lines, and stark color schemes.

If your modern home features dynamic pops of color and texture, staining your polished concrete floor in a shade from your palette can be a fabulous way to integrate your floor into the larger design theme. Concrete can be polished in bright, saturated hues, or with a washed-out hint of color, the only limit is your imagination.

For newer homes with finished basements, there is no wiser choice for basement flooring than polished concrete. Polished concrete will increase the value of your home in addition to protecting it from inevitably moist PNW winters.

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Stain Options For Your New Residential Polished Concrete Floor

Thursday, October 12th, 2017

Allternative_Edge_Custom_Concrete_Stain Options For Your New Residential Polished Concrete Floor

There are many options for residential flooring, but you were smart enough to choose the most durable, most decorative and most easily customizable flooring available. Polished concrete is going to look amazing in your home largely due to its chameleon-like quality that allows it to take on the visual elements of more elementary residential floorings like wood, tile, and stone.

Staining your new concrete floor can be more than just imbuing it with a subtle hue. Concrete can be finished to appear almost identical to hardwood. A popular staining choice for farmhouses, craftsman homes, and bungalows is a warm neutral shade that mimics your favorite shade of hardwood, complete with a glassy, diamond shine.

For newer homes with a more dynamic color palette and modernist designs, stained concrete flooring can be a statement. Vibrant colors that gleam with intensity or cool glossy neutrals are charismatic options. Patterns and graphic design elements can also easily be inlaid in your polished concrete floor.

For the more austere homes, polished concrete can be stained to imitate natural stone like marble, which, once polished to high shine, is easily just as luxurious.

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Why Concrete Flooring Beats Decorative Tile Flooring

Thursday, October 5th, 2017


There are so many ways in which concrete flooring is superior to other types of decorative residential flooring. While traditional home flooring options have always been limited to stone, tile, or wood, concrete embodies the best character traits of each of these options while maintaining its own unique and attractive features.

For homeowners or developers considering tile flooring for their homes, we urge you to take a moment to learn just how much more beneficial polished concrete is as a decorative flooring option.

Decorative tiles, while certainly lovely to behold, remain fragile and rarely keep their good looks for long. Grout can absorb mildew and grime and is a burden to maintain.

Concrete, on the other hand, presents all the aesthetic characteristics of decorative tile with a fraction of the necessary maintenance, Concrete can be stained to imitate tile flawlessly with none of the drawbacks of fragile ceramic or hard to clean grout.

Tile flooring is often the choice of homeowners with acute allergy issues as it does not harbor dust or other allergens. Concrete boasts the same dust repelling properties with infinitely more design opportunities.

Tiles can wear in areas of heavy traffic, losing their trademark gleam. Polished concrete will never fade or lose its glassy shine. It will remain as glossy in your high traffic areas as it does in areas that see little to no traffic at all.

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3 Ways Concrete Flooring Beats Hardwood

Thursday, September 28th, 2017


Concrete flooring offers so many benefits it’s a wonder it isn’t found in every single Portland home. Of course, concrete has long been associated with more commercial endeavors and the concept of concrete as a decorative residential flooring akin to hardwood, tile or luxury stone is relatively new to many. If you’ve wondered what flooring options you have beyond the typical treatments, consider these three reasons that concrete flooring is far superior to hardwood flooring.

Polished concrete floors withstand a tremendous amount of damage. From water damage to heavy traffic, concrete stands up to any challenge your lifestyle affords while retaining its stylish superiority. Unlike concrete, hardwood will buckle under water damage and deteriorate over time in heavy traffic areas.

Concrete floors repel dirt and dust. With rows of narrow cracks and natural textures, hardwood offers dust and dirt a lot of areas to collect. There are no nooks and crannies in concrete floors that harbor airborne allergens, making it a natural choice for homes with allergy-sensitive residents.

There is a wide variety of tones in hardwood flooring, all of which can be mimicked with polished concrete. Additionally, polished concrete can be treated to maintain the appearance of luxury materials like marble or slate.

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Design Trends That Complement Polished Concrete Flooring

Thursday, September 21st, 2017


There are few if any design motifs that don’t benefit from the glassy shine of a polished concrete floor. From mid-century lounges to provincial farmhouses, polished concrete works beautifully in any living space. Of all the great design concepts that integrate with concrete flooring, we think these 10 trends are respectable enough to become classics in their own right.

Natural Materials — Bringing the outdoors within is a trend that covers intentionally verdant color palettes. a plethora of indoor plants and a dependence on rich wood tones and textures. Polished concrete benefits this trend doubly by not only offering custom rock, mineral, and wood textures but by also offering an increase in reflected natural light.

Ultra-Modern — Sleek lines, carefully considered details, and stark color palette are the hallmarks of ultra-modern design. Polished concrete flooring offers a surface so lustrous and contemporary, it will quietly compliment the modern elements of your home’s design.

Tech Forward — Fully technologically integrated homes find concrete flooring to be hugely efficient in maintaining heat during colder months, regulating temperatures in summer and fall, and repelling dust and debris. The atmosphere concrete flooring supports is beneficial for the tech housed within.

Open Plans — Open floor plans that mingle living spaces and entertaining spaces can feel far less open without a seamless flooring option that works as well in the intimate areas of your home as it does the high traffic areas. Polished concrete floors can help an open floor plan reach its ultimate potential.

Neutrals With Pops Of Color — A light-reflecting palette of pale grays or beige gets knocked up a notch with the integration of subtle pops of bold color. Concrete flooring can be customized to either support the pop of color or be the pop of color.

Bright Bold Lights — Light can drastically alter an atmosphere. Finding the right lights for your living space takes some trial and error, but this season trend is dazzling light, as much of it natural as possible. Polished concrete reflects natural light in an unassuming style, brightening up any interior it floors.

Industrial/Reclaimed — This design principle relies on the antiquity and authenticity of the space. Concrete floors are the typical choice for industrial flooring, but when that concrete is customized and polished like glass, it not only fulfills the defining characteristic of the design, it elevates it as well.

Super Boho Chic — The draped windows, the heavy intricate patterns and textiles, and deliberate light that showcases the messy, nomadic vibe — all of these are factors in bohemian interior style. Polished concrete flooring treated to mimic natural stone will truly compliment the naturalistic, relaxed sophistication that the boho trend affords.

Shabby Chic — There’s something about a comfortable collection of beloved design elements, arranged tenderly and assembled with careful consideration to style and substance. Shabby chic homes are arguably the most beloved of the calculated design trends because so much of the decorator’s personality is on display. Polished concrete floors in this concept can simply be customized to harmonize with all the varying design elements.

Nautical — Not just reserved for salty beach houses, the nautical theme has re-surged as a whimsical alternative to industrial styles. Bright, charming neutrals and pops of pale blue and beige are just the tip of the iceberg. Bright natural light is crucial to the nautically-themed home, and polished concrete’s light-reflecting qualities make it a perfect flooring option.

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10 Reasons Why Polished Concrete Flooring Beats Hardwood Flooring

Thursday, September 14th, 2017


When considering flooring for your home or businesses, you may find yourself faced with a myriad of options. Decorative options like stone, multi-hued woods or artistic tiling may seem like great choices at first blush, but when it comes to function and fashion there are only two main flooring options that come to mind. Both are gorgeous and both have a visual diversity that allows them to flawlessly fit in with a variety of established home design elements, but only one is by far more durable, versatile, and cost-effective.

Both hardwood flooring and concrete flooring have marvelous aesthetic qualities that set them apart from other luxury flooring options, but polished concrete pulls far ahead of hardwood in terms of lifespan, maintenance, and cost. There are far more than ten reasons that polished concrete is the best flooring option for your home, business, office or commercial space, but ten is a good place to start.

  1. Upfront Cost — Polished concrete is a gorgeous and economical alternative to luxury stone floors and as far as lifetime maintenance costs are concerned, it beats hardwood by being remarkably resilient and requiring next to nothing in long-term maintenance.
  2. Strength — Polished concrete floors handle heavy foot traffic like no other flooring; effortlessly standing up to powerful traffic without sacrificing their beauty one bit.
  3. Cleanliness — Polished concrete floors repel dirt, dust, and allergens. Crevices in hardwood floors can be quite the opposite, harboring all manner of dusty business within its fine seams.
  4. Water Resistance — Concrete floors are 100% water proof and will never suffer water damage through the course of their lifetime. The same cannot be said of any hardwood floor.
  5. Sustainability — Polished concrete does not require noxious coatings, cleaners or waxes. Additionally, its glassy shine maximizes natural light, making your home/business less reliant on artificial light.
  6. Design Options — Polished concrete is available in a myriad of colors and textures, far more so than traditional hardwood. Furthermore, detailed design elements that would typically be found in tile can be easily achieved with polished concrete.
  7. Lifespan — Concrete floors are forever. They will not need to be replaced, and they will repel damage that could potentially ruin a traditional hardwood floor.
  8. Versatility — Polished concrete is as gorgeous and luxurious as the finest hardwood, but can be just as fashionably functional as a basement flooring. There is no one way that polished concrete looks, it can be the best of all available floorings.
  9. Pure Luxury – The glassy shine of a polished concrete floor in the hue or texture of your choice far outshines even the most ostentatious flooring options, including natural stone. The finest hardwood, slathered in lacquer is still no match in beauty or gleam.
  10. Safety – Despite that high shine, concrete floors are non-slippery. This makes them great for homes with children where slipping and sliding could present a safety issue.

Polished concrete is a superior flooring in every way when compared to any other flooring on the market. It versatile enough to mimic the tones of wood, the texture of stone or the details of artistic tile work. Knowing all these benefits, doesn’t it seem like the most logical choice for anyone installing a new floor?

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Stylish, Efficient Concrete Floor Options For Your Home

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

Kitchen with polished concrete floors

Flooring your new home can be an arduous task; choosing the perfect floor when there are so many options is dizzying. For every style of flooring, there is maintenance, Hardwood floors can scratch easily and require special soaps and waxes. Tile floors can chip and grouts can easily stain. Carpets don’t have the lifespan of hard floors and their necessary cleaning can leave you far lighter in the pockets than if you opted for hard flooring. There is, however, one option for hard flooring that is so versatile, efficient and attractive it’s a wonder it hasn’t usurped hardwood as the go-to hard flooring of choice. So, what is this amazing flooring option? The answer might surprise you — this miracle flooring is concrete.

Long the traditional flooring of work spaces like warehouses, garages and manufacturing plants, many homeowners haven’t considered just how breathtaking concrete floors can be in residential spaces. For the homeowner looking for efficient flooring that beautifully reflects natural light, is extremely low maintenance, can stand up to heavy duty foot traffic, and is undeniably gorgeous, the only option is polished concrete.

Polished concrete offers a truly impressive alternative to traditional home flooring. With several stylistic options, polished concrete can present all the beauty of vintage hardwood, decorative tile or even austere marble. While concrete flooring may conjure images of industrial spaces, polished concrete can effortlessly mimic more ornate floors. Whether your home design calls for a simple neutral wood hue or a decorative, attention grabbing stain, even the details of natural stone or marble can be created in polished hardwood flooring.

When planning the addition of concrete flooring to your home, there are a few things to consider. Concrete can be stained in any number of gorgeous hues. If you are re-flooring your home with an established color palette, your concrete floors can be acid stained to blend seamlessly with your home’s design. This process can also be used to create intricate designs, bold patterns or multi-hued tableaus.

Since acid staining provides not only a variety of color options, but pattern options as well, decorative elements that you might only associate with high-end commercial spaces can find a place in your home. With acid stained concrete polished to a high shine the details you might find in a custom tile, or the deep wood tones of an original hardwood floor can be achieved easily.

More than just bold decorative elements and eye-catching colors, polished concrete floors can be created to mimic such natural stone as marble, granite or travertine. These luxury flooring options, typically reserved for high-end commercial spaces can be mimicked flawlessly for a fraction of the cost.

Concrete flooring is significantly more efficient than its flooring counterparts. From installation to maintenance, concrete flooring is more cost and energy efficient than any other flooring available. Up-front costs can be considerably lower than decorative flooring, and lifetime maintenance costs are practically non-existent. Additionally, concrete floors repel dust, dirt, and allergens, are water repellant, will never suffer water damage, and never need to be replaced.

Regardless of the era your home was built, there is a concrete flooring option for you. From your Gresham mid-century to your Beaverton split-level to your Portland craftsman, polished concrete is simply the best option for your floors. When you’re considering re-flooring your home, examine for yourself just how many benefits come along with a glassy, glossy, gorgeous polished concrete floor.

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Choosing The Best Concrete Floor For Your Home

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Alternative_Edge_Custom_Concrete_Choosing The Best Concrete Floor For Your Home

There are so many options available to the homeowner intent on renovating or replacing their floors. While choices like decorative tile, classic hardwood or ostentatious marble can be gorgeous, they often leave much to be desired in what they require maintenance-wise. Hardwoods can stain, chip and scratch, tiles can crack and develop mildew, and marble, while breathtaking, is pretty extravagant. Concrete flooring may have a utilitarian reputation, but it can stand up to any of these aforementioned floorings in terms of aesthetic and efficiency. When you’re equally concerned with function and fashion, there truly is no better choice for your home than a concrete floor.

Concrete flooring is far more varied than other, traditional types of home flooring. There are incredible options available to the homeowner with an interest in concrete floors. For instance, polished concrete with its megawatt shine can feel as discerning as a natural stone floor such as travertine or marble, and also flawlessly convey the implied texture of granite of limestone under a rich, glassy surface. Choosing the precise style of concrete flooring that is perfect for your home starts with a basic idea of just how much concrete is capable of as a fashionable flooring option.

Acid staining concrete floors presents customization options that are incredibly multifarious. Decorative elements like dynamic patterns, intricate designs, and multicolor panels are just some of the outrageous options you can consider with your home’s concrete floors. Acid staining concrete floors can also give concrete the impression of a warm, glossy hardwood in the tone of your choice with none of the maintenance hardwood flooring demands. Similarly, those whose tastes are more dramatic can opt for concrete floors in rich, vibrant hues that will give any accent wall a run for its money. Acid stained flooring is a fantastic choice for the homeowner for whom an enviably decorative floor is paramount.

For homeowners with less of a flair for the dramatic, concrete can be  just as visually pragmatic and unfussy as wood or ceramic tile. This is a sleek, neutral flooring option can be just as subdued and classic as any other flooring option on the market. For homeowners looking to increase home value, lower energy costs and simplify their maintenance routine, concrete flooring will check off all their proverbial boxes.

Homeowners looking to renovate older homes for a more modern look will find polished concrete flooring to be an ideal option. Mid-century modern ranch homes with their broad lines and wide spaces can betray their shag carpeted roots with a concrete floor customized to mimic natural stone textures and colors, all smoothed to a brilliant, glassy shine. Farmhouses with their idyllic facades and towering stories can get an instant modern makeover with a concrete floor stained to imitate knotted wood under diamond polish. Portland craftsman homes boasting dappled sunlight by way of window boxes in nearly every room will glitter and glow when all that natural light is reflected from a masterfully polished concrete floor. Regardless of the era your home was built, there is a concrete flooring option that will work beautifully within its walls.

When endeavoring into floor renovation it’s important to look first into each specific option available to you. Knowing the true benefits of concrete flooring may surprise you, and it’s wise to learn as much as you can about just how beneficial, beautiful and budget friendly these floors can be.

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Concrete Flooring Options For High-End Commercial Spaces

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

Alternative_Edge_Custom_Concrete_Concrete Flooring Options For High-End Commercial Spaces

If concrete floors are not the first thing you think of when luxury flooring comes to mind, allow us to impress on you just how elegant concrete can be. Although concrete floors may evoke images of factories, garages, and warehouses, there is no more aesthetically or economically versatile a flooring option. Concrete floors can dramatically alter a room, offering decorative options that rival hardwoods, tiles or even marble floors.

There are as many or more concrete flooring options than you’ll find with wood, tile or stone. Concrete floors can be stained to fit seamlessly with any color palette, with details and patterns that can match the most decorative porcelain tiles. In a high-end commercial space, however, fine details may give way to neutral or richly hued shades with a glassy shine, comfortably reflecting light and creating a stunningly sleek atmosphere.

Consider first your space and its function — concrete’s alluring durability makes it a prime candidate for high traffic spaces like entryways, halls and bustling showrooms. While, not unlike other flooring options, custom concrete can be created in as many colors or patterns as your heart desires, concrete also offers the simple, impeccable appearance of a luxury floor without stealing away the attention your products and services deserve.

When working with an established design motif, concrete can be customized to effortlessly fall in line with your fixed design elements. Upholstery, window treatments, storage solutions, and workspaces can all coexist harmoniously with the right polished concrete floor.  Consider custom flooring in the neutral shades in your palette for a floor that elevates all of your dynamic existing design elements, or a statement color that elevates excitement and stimulation. If your space takes advantage of pops of color via ornate rugs, consider concrete flooring with subtle textural elements that mirror natural stone. The balance of texture, shine, and detail can result in a phenomenal space that demands attention and respect.

Retail spaces can utilize polished concrete floors to better distribute light to their products. Polished concrete gorgeously and evenly distributes ambient light, requiring fewer stationary or overhead bulbs. The shine of a polished floor has the potential to uplift your products and give the consumer a truly cultivated luxury experience. Its easy to clean and maintain surface is another benefit — especially to retail establishments that see a lot of foot traffic. Concrete flooring is exceedingly durable, saving your business on costly cleaning supplies or repairs.

When choosing a prestige flooring for your space, consider not just how the flooring will enhance the space stylistically, but how it will age and the associated annual cost. Concrete is breathable, durable, fashionable and cost effective. It can present itself as the luxury flooring of a high-end wedding dress boutique or as a highly functional factory floor, supporting machinery, storage, and consistently heavy foot traffic. There is no flooring option more versatile, practical, or attractive than custom concrete.

When you think of concrete floors, sure, think of factories and warehouse, but also think of posh hotel lobbies with intricate inlaid floor designs, think of exclusive showrooms with beautifully lit displays, think of event spaces with low slung crystal chandeliers, dramatic draperies and natural light dancing on every surface.

When you think of concrete flooring, think of Alternative Edge. Contact our headquarters or visit our website to see just how much custom concrete is capable of.

Polished Concrete Flooring For High-End Commercial Space

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Alternative_Edge_Custom_Concrete_Polished Concrete Flooring For High-End Commercial Space1

Updating your commercial space takes time, effort and extensive, detailed planning. Today’s design trends in high-end commercial spaces exude effortless cool supported by energy efficient elements and green building principles. On the forefront of these trends is a subdued minimalism that pulls the focus away from lofty design elements and places it squarely on promoting and complementing your products and the space as a whole. Capitalizing on this trend takes careful consideration of your needs and the abilities of your commercial space.

Details that give high-end design its euphuistic character can be found in the negative spaces. An ostentatious accent wall in a vibrant hue, a collection of vintage or retro light fixtures lazily hanging from a high ceiling, or an unassuming concrete floor polished to a mirror shine, boastfully reflecting all the light and color provided by the rest of the room — each of these elements are smaller artifacts in a greater picture. They are merely the sum of their parts.

Retail spaces have needs that differ greatly from showrooms or offices, just as a hotel lobby may not find suitable the same design elements one might see in the posh restaurant. Determining the foundations of your high-end design enterprise will inform the design choices best suited for your industry. But inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places, so it’s crucial to remain open to different design ideas you might not have thought possible for your particular space.

Consider color. Certain colors invoke certain responses, pacifying tones of blue, green, and turquoise provoke a different feeling than a stunning yellow or brilliant scarlet. Put time into learning about how the human responses to color can influence the success of your commercial space. You may find yourself initiating color palettes you may not have thought viable.

Put a considerable amount of thought into how textures can elevate a commercial space. From seating to drapes, a careful calculation of how different textures react to your space will find you much more comfortable than if you rely entirely on smooth, hard surfaces.

Flooring is arguably the most important design element in a high-end commercial space. It’s the foundation of the space and if executed correctly can uplift each element in the room. Standard flooring options such as tile, hardwood or (eek) carpet have their benefits, but their longevity is questionable as is their versatility. As each of these types of floors age, they present needs for repair, which is not an attractive factor in choosing flooring — longevity on the other hand, is paramount.

Polished concrete flooring is versatile, efficient and modern. Its glassy surface is at home in both high-end retail settings where it can be found reflecting light and color in a soft, effused manner, and in spaces like car dealerships and antique showrooms, where every design element is chosen with the objective of complementing the product or service.

Both efficient and glamorous, concrete flooring can be customized to meet efficiency standards as well as design needs. From the high shine of a polished concrete floor to the vibrant, lasting hues of an acid stained concrete floor, choosing concrete for your high-end commercial space’s floor will surely fulfill your design desires.

When considering concrete flooring, choose the best. Alternative Edge is the leader in custom concrete flooring throughout the Portland metro area. Our flooring options are just as diverse and accommodating as any other traditional flooring.

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