How Polished Concrete Became The #1 Choice For Commercial Flooring

Thursday, December 7th, 2017


In commercial settings, durable long-lasting flooring is crucial. Flooring that can withstand heavy traffic, water damage, and general wear and tear is an absolute necessity. However, a flooring that can do all that and look sharper than any other luxury flooring is extraordinary. Polished concrete fulfills all the needs of heavy-duty flooring and offers an opulent luster that elevates your space, be it a bustling warehouse or a high-end boutique. Polished concrete has become the standard flooring for Portland’s newest commercial spaces for simple reasons; in cost, appearance, and functionality, it is unrivaled.

While concrete flooring in industrial settings is common, polished concrete in retail spaces is a modern interpretation of high-end flooring. Because polished flooring can be customized in tones that mimic glossy hardwood, decorative tile or elegant natural stone, it is the perfect choice for retail spaces, showrooms or other high-end commercial spaces.

In Portland’s new and cutting-edge retail sphere, minimalism, clean lines, and open, luminous spaces are de rigueur. Polished concrete fulfills the aesthetic needs of modern commercial spaces at a fraction of the cost of other luxury floorings. Polished concrete is a favorite of new retail spaces not just for its durability and charm but for its allergen repelling qualities, but for its simple maintenance, diverse customization options and beautiful light disbursement. Glassy polished concrete dazzles, complimenting products, design details, and wide-open spaces. A polished concrete floor can uplift a monotonous space with luminous, dazzling results.

Consider polished concrete floors for your commercial space, not just to create a functional space, but to exceed your flooring expectations.

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4 Reasons Commercial Polished Concrete Saves On Maintenance Costs

Thursday, November 30th, 2017


When examining the many flooring options for your commercial space, there are a few primary factors to consider: durability, appearance, and cost. With flooring options that run from decorative to utilitarian, finding the right flooring for your space can be complicated. The needs of your space may vary, but there is only one singular flooring option that checks most every commercial requirement. Polished concrete is a superior flooring option, regardless of whether your space is a high-end retail storefront, a smart and swanky restaurant, or a heavy-duty warehouse. Polished concrete can meet all of the look, feel, and cost requirements of your space.

Polished concrete is the most durable flooring option available.

Even in areas with the heaviest traffic, polished concrete retains its luster and strength. Maintenance costs for polished concrete are negligible; it handles everything from forklifts to stilettos with ease.

Polished concrete never needs to be replaced, refinished, or repaired.

While decorative tiles or hardwood floors can sustain damage that requires removal of large areas, polished concrete will deflect most any damage.

Polished concrete is waterproof.

In the Pacific Northwest where it rains most of the year, water resistance is crucial to your commercial space. Even the most decorative iterations of polished concrete will resist any water damage.

Polished concrete is low maintenance.

Once installed, it does not require any hazardous coatings, cleaners, or adhesives. It will retain its glassy shine and durability regardless of what your business throws at it. There is truly no better flooring option for your commercial space.

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Choosing The Best Polished Concrete Floor For Your Beaverton Commercial Space

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017


A chic and modern polished concrete floor can complement most any interior, but spaces designed to promote certain products, lifestyles or moods can see even more substantial benefits from polished concrete floors. Throughout Beaverton, there are a number of automobile showrooms, furniture galleries, and retail storefronts, each one with specific markets in mind, with specific goals and interiors designed to spotlight those elemental factors. To that end, potential customers come to expect a standard when patronizing and recommending these establishments. Polished concrete offers the sophistication, cleanliness, and style of other luxury flooring options, but often at a fraction of the price.

So. What makes polished concrete such an impressive flooring option? There are many reasons, chief among them style, efficiency, and cost.

Where style is concerned, custom concrete can be stained to imitate most any luxury flooring, from sophisticated tile to warm hardwood. Stone finishes like marble and slate are also easily achieved and present all the opulence/hominess/elegance of more common commercial flooring at a much lower bottom line.

Polished concrete is far more durable than any other flooring available. Where hardwoods require a high level of maintenance and can wear, splinter and sustain not-negligible water damage, concrete floors repel dust, are impossibly durable even in the highest traffic areas and deflect any water damage with ease.

Many established commercial spaces have an existing concrete slab. Staining and polishing this slab as opposed to installing high-style bamboo or glassy imported tile can save your business thousands of dollars. Additionally, concrete floors require minimum maintenance beyond routine dusting.

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How Polished Concrete Can Add Value To Your Portland Commercial Business

Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Alternative_Edge_Custom_Concrete_Polished Concrete Flooring For High-End Commercial Space-3

Every month in Portland, hundreds of new businesses are established. Annually, our city bolsters thousands of brand-new storefronts in mixed-used buildings, renovated venerable structures, and historic converted houses. Many of these businesses will thrive and expand eventually becoming Portland legacies, and others will languish and eventually succumb to the annals of failed business. A fundamental understanding of how interior design can help or hurt business will affect many of these companies, large and small, but there are opportunities to wow your clientele the moment they enter your space, among them, a glassy, opulent floor.

Luxury flooring always makes a statement. It can be austere or whimsical, but it will always convey abundance, and when first impressions are everything, making one that declares prosperity outright isn’t a bad idea.  Your business has more options for luxury flooring than fragile and labor intense tile or monochromatic, austere stone.  Concrete flooring is remarkably varied and can be stained to mimic the warm tones of hardwood, the fine details of elegant tile, or the metallic veined opulence of natural stone.

Polished concrete is not only the superlative choice for commercial flooring, it’s modern, durable, and cost-effective. There is no better flooring for your retail space, your showroom, your offices, or your commercial space.

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Is Your Concrete Floor A Candidate For Resurfacing?

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

Allternative Edge_Custom_Is Your Concrete Floor A Candidate For Resurfacing

For the many homes in the Portland area with concrete floored basements, there are more options available than the gritty, bland concrete that accompanies your subterranean level. Concrete floors can be easily transformed into luxury floors while retaining the benefits of concrete: water resistance, allergen resistance, and easy cleanup. If you think your basement’s concrete floor is a candidate for a luxury makeover you should schedule a consultation to find out if resurfacing is the right choice for you.

Resurfacing is the process of adding a very thin layer of polymer modified cement to your existing slab. Through resurfacing you can give your concrete floor the appearance of hardwood, decorative tile, slate, or natural stone. Finishes are also available in a vast array of hues, providing a flooring option for any design scheme.

Resurfacing is no longer a process that results in eventual delamination. On the contrary, new technology and approaches to substrate preparation have made resurfacing an excellent choice for many homeowners with concrete flooring. Resurfacing is right for your home if your current concrete floor is in need of an upgrade, and the glassier the better.

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Styling Your Classic Car Showroom

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

Allternative Edge_Custom_Styling Your Classic Car Showroom

Polished concrete is the perfect flooring for classic car showrooms; the gleam of chrome juxtaposed with the glassy shine of a polished concrete floor is a recipe for showroom success. However, for newly christened showrooms, once you have your grand space, your gorgeous flooring, and your excellent inventory, how will you dress your interior to ensure the inventory is spotlit and the details are engaging without being distracting? Follow these simple suggestions to create an exemplary showroom.

Create a color palette. Choose 4-6 colors—one or two bright hues and their compliments, and at least one neutral for balance. Your neutral can be a soft grey, an austere black, a muted goldenrod or just a classic shade of white. Stick to your color palette when choosing furniture, window treatments, and wall details for a seamless design.

Choose a specific design theme. Maybe it’s classic 60s hot rod, with lots of chrome, vibrant red, and checkerboard patterns. Perhaps your space calls for a little mid-century modern touch, with low slung chaise lounges and modular fixtures. Whatever trend speaks to you, embrace it wholeheartedly and you can’t go wrong.

Take time to light your space appropriately. Polished concrete flooring can amplify light, so be considerate about where fixtures are hung, how lamps are posited and the way in which windows are dressed.

For more commercial design tips for your polished concrete floor, visit Alternative Edge’s blog.

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Choosing The Right Stain For Your Polished Concrete Basement Floor

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

Allternative Edge_Custom_Choosing The Right Stain For Your Polished Concrete Basement Floor

A large, finished basement is a room full of opportunities; playrooms, offices, and often, living spaces. More than ever folks are renovating their basements in order to rent them as studio or one-bedroom apartments. Sure, new flooring can be a big part of these renovations, but the concrete basement flooring typically found in Portland homes can be polished and stained to look and function like luxury flooring. Polished concrete increases not only the value of your home but also its attractiveness to potential renters or Airbnb vacationers.

When choosing the shade of your polished concrete flooring, there are a few things to keep in mind; light distribution, existing wall color and of course the intended use of the basement.

Pale wood-hued stains can give a finished basement an airy feeling and can mimic hardwood convincingly, while deeper, mahogany shades will add drama and warmth to the room. Both options are undeniably attractive for renters or for family use and are easy to integrate into stunning interior design plans.

For the more utilitarian finished basement, an acid stain can give a concrete floor the appearance of unique natural stone. Acid stains are perfect for home offices, family dens, and children’s playrooms.

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The Best Looks For Concrete Floors In Modern Houses

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Kitchen with polished concrete floors

Modern homes require flooring a bit more chic than the traditional flooring go-tos: hardwood, tile, and carpet. While these classic floorings are popular for good reason, there is in fact, a type of flooring that surpasses each of them in style, function, and longevity.

Concrete flooring may be typically relegated to industrial workspaces, but there are a multitude of styles, colors, and textures available that make polished concrete a uniquely fashionable and modern type of flooring.

Modern homes built with simplicity and minimalism in mind should consider polished concrete flooring reminiscent of natural stone. Polished concrete can be stained to imitate marble, limestone, or shale, all luxurious flooring types often too ostentatious for suburban homeowners but perfect for minimalist homes with tall windows, clean lines, and stark color schemes.

If your modern home features dynamic pops of color and texture, staining your polished concrete floor in a shade from your palette can be a fabulous way to integrate your floor into the larger design theme. Concrete can be polished in bright, saturated hues, or with a washed-out hint of color, the only limit is your imagination.

For newer homes with finished basements, there is no wiser choice for basement flooring than polished concrete. Polished concrete will increase the value of your home in addition to protecting it from inevitably moist PNW winters.

To learn more about why polished concrete is the superior choice in flooring, visit Alternative Edge’s Concrete Floors page.

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Stain Options For Your New Residential Polished Concrete Floor

Thursday, October 12th, 2017

Allternative_Edge_Custom_Concrete_Stain Options For Your New Residential Polished Concrete Floor

There are many options for residential flooring, but you were smart enough to choose the most durable, most decorative and most easily customizable flooring available. Polished concrete is going to look amazing in your home largely due to its chameleon-like quality that allows it to take on the visual elements of more elementary residential floorings like wood, tile, and stone.

Staining your new concrete floor can be more than just imbuing it with a subtle hue. Concrete can be finished to appear almost identical to hardwood. A popular staining choice for farmhouses, craftsman homes, and bungalows is a warm neutral shade that mimics your favorite shade of hardwood, complete with a glassy, diamond shine.

For newer homes with a more dynamic color palette and modernist designs, stained concrete flooring can be a statement. Vibrant colors that gleam with intensity or cool glossy neutrals are charismatic options. Patterns and graphic design elements can also easily be inlaid in your polished concrete floor.

For the more austere homes, polished concrete can be stained to imitate natural stone like marble, which, once polished to high shine, is easily just as luxurious.

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Why Concrete Flooring Beats Decorative Tile Flooring

Thursday, October 5th, 2017


There are so many ways in which concrete flooring is superior to other types of decorative residential flooring. While traditional home flooring options have always been limited to stone, tile, or wood, concrete embodies the best character traits of each of these options while maintaining its own unique and attractive features.

For homeowners or developers considering tile flooring for their homes, we urge you to take a moment to learn just how much more beneficial polished concrete is as a decorative flooring option.

Decorative tiles, while certainly lovely to behold, remain fragile and rarely keep their good looks for long. Grout can absorb mildew and grime and is a burden to maintain.

Concrete, on the other hand, presents all the aesthetic characteristics of decorative tile with a fraction of the necessary maintenance, Concrete can be stained to imitate tile flawlessly with none of the drawbacks of fragile ceramic or hard to clean grout.

Tile flooring is often the choice of homeowners with acute allergy issues as it does not harbor dust or other allergens. Concrete boasts the same dust repelling properties with infinitely more design opportunities.

Tiles can wear in areas of heavy traffic, losing their trademark gleam. Polished concrete will never fade or lose its glassy shine. It will remain as glossy in your high traffic areas as it does in areas that see little to no traffic at all.

Convinced? Learn more about how polished concrete flooring can benefit your home.

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