nonnumber1At Alternative Edge we don’t just do the fancy stuff! Our prices are competitive on standard broom finish, exposed aggregate and hard trowel garage floors as well.  So if your driveway is cracked or your sidewalk has been cited by the city we can help.

Give Your Concrete Driveway a Makeover!

If you live near or around the Portland, OR area, then no doubt you have noticed some of the beautiful homes owned by your neighbors. Yours is just as lovely, provided of course, you give proper attention to the concrete driveway. The driveway is one of the most important areas of the house when it comes to first impressions. No doubt, a high quality concrete driveway speaks volumes as to your class, your cleanliness and your image.

Regular Concrete Can Look Good with a Broom Finish.

There are many different ways to broom a slab. We will work with the customer to bring the quality of the broom finish out to where it not only appeals to your budget, but to your eye as well. With a broomed project, you only have one chance to get it right. As with all of the projects we do, our goal is to make the flat work last over time.

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